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How do we get SEO copy writing just right?

How do we get SEO copy writing just right?

When you hire a good SEO expert (search engine optimization guru), she’ll have one big audacious goal:

To bring your Web site as much organic traffic from search engines (like Yahoo and Google) as possible. In other words, to help people find you online on their own.

A great SEO specialist will also have one eye on the type of traffic — people who actually need your product or service.

Most SEO experts approach optimization in two ways: by adjusting the code of your site AND by modifying the words on the site pages. By doing this, you’ll appear high on the list of search results for important keywords. The keywords you don’t rank for, a search engine marketer can buy so you’ll appear in the paid search listings on the first page.

Before you clap your hands and declare victory, hang on a sec. Your SEO expert may not be a Web site marketing expert. She may not know how to speak for your brand or persuade customers to take action. And even the smallest copy change can lead to dramatic results — positive or negative.

So while you’re thinking of achieving great ranking, also keep the following six tactics in mind so your SEO tactics are also supporting — and not sabotaging — your Web site marketing strategy:

  1. Be flexible. Your SEO consultant may suggest really specific copy changes. Ask her to work with your writer or editor to make sure the copy edits don’t change the meaning or effectiveness of the page.
  2. Take the time to do SEO right. It may seem overwhelming to update every single H1 (header), window title, and meta description, but don’t be tempted to make global or generic changes. That could make things worse.
  3. Use good judgment. SEO is often about the percentage of keywords on a page. But layering on the keywords may make the copy smarmy and illegible.
  4. Educate your Web site writers, developer and webmaster on SEO best practices. They can make small code and copy adjustments along the way that will accumulate to make a big difference in time.
  5. Make SEO a part of every project. SEO isn’t a one-time thing, even though the consultant may have implemented all her suggestions, and you’ve gained the ranking you want. Your competitors will do what it takes
  6. Be patient. If you haven’t been optimizing your Web site content at all for SEO, it’ll take some time for you to see results. But your perseverance should pay off handsomely.

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