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Should we be posting photos every day?

Should we be posting photos every day?

They say a photo a day is worth a thousand words. And yes,  those “words” count toward:

  • Building a social community,
  • Connecting with friends and colleagues,
  • Engaging with an audience,
  • Being more “human” in this virtual world,
  • Gaining knowledge and ideas around your business, and
  • Improving SEO and findability.

Just because we may not be photographers professionally — we may not even have a physical product to represent visually — doesn’t mean we can’t snap a photo. That said, be sure to hire a professional for your evergreen website content!

How to Make a Photo a Day Work for Your Business

Here are some ideas that might help launch you into a new visual social space and provide additional exceptional content:

  • Go low tech. Take pictures with your phone. Share them through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or directly to a feed on your site.
  • If you’re a service, take photos of things, people, or situations that inspire your work. Then tag the photos to let your audience know how they’re inspiring.
  • If you have a product, invite your employees to contribute a photo a day of how they uniquely use the product.
  • If you have a dedicated audience for that product, invite your fans to submit a photo a day. Reward the most creative or inspirational photos with kudos, visibility or coupons. You can learn a lot about how to write about your product by encouraging and listening to user generated content.
  • Hire a professional photographer to do a Instagram takeover for a short period of time. They’ll post awesome photos for you that support your content strategy!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to name and tag your photos with relevant words to help people find you.

Answer updated September 29, 2015.

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