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What are the ingredients of great social media content?

What are the ingredients of great social media content?


Social Media Content Strategy PieGreat social media content strategy is really part of your company’s Web content strategy as a whole, which includes these 5 steps.

To help visualize the core messaging component, I drew a pie (I like pie) for one of the three — strike that, now four! — people who asked me about social media content this past week.

Your pie will vary based on your objectives: the slices will be in different proportions and you might even have more slices with more flavor. But the basic mix should at least include these staples:

  • Product, service, and company announcements and offers
  • Questions that you’d truly like to know about your clients/customers
  • Links to valuable information related to your industry
  • Interaction with others: replies, comments, opinions, support, praise

When you’re auditing your social media content or are starting a new program, be sure your social media writers are covering at least these four types of content.

If you’re out of balance, you may come across sounding like you’re shouting (and not listening), shallow, self-centered, or simply annoying. A sure way to lose friends and alienate customers.

Update: July 21, 2010

I’m finding a lot of fantastic social media content strategy resources lately. Here are a few:

(Social Media) Content Strategy Questions to Ask by Jason Falls (the comments are as great as the post)

Social Media Analysis Chart by Contentini

News Flash: Social Media Won’t Fix Your Content Problems by Kristina Halvorson (yes, you need substance before delivery!)

Social Media Benchmarking Template by Jonathan Brigs (Thanks Clinton Forry for the suggestion!)

Have you found great social media content strategy resources lately? You’re welcome to add them in the comments.

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Shelly Bowen, Pybop's chief content strategist, has led teams of writers and creatives to develop websites and interactive content for more than 15 years. Read more about Shelly.

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  • Todd Liss says:

    This blog post perfectly illustrates one of the most important keys to having a successful social media presence. Having a diverse offering of content accomplishes two important goals 1.) Allows you to directly target specific niches in your target market with specific targeted content 2.) Reduces the likelihood of boredom from your target markets – diverse content keeps an information stream fresh and interesting.

    Great post Shelly! Especially love the graphic

  • Gary Allard says:

    Well said. Social media needs to be “social” before anything else. One-way conversationalists are never the life of the party.

  • Shelly Bowen says:

    It’s true, social media is a conversation, but it’s also a resource for deeper content. The article I added today from Brain Traffic is a reminder that to use social media effectively as a way to drive traffic to your Web site, you need meaningful, real, engaging content on your Web site. Not just Corporate Me. Yay for more interesting, thought provoking Web content!

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