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How do we build the case for content strategy? (IDSD Slides)

How do we build the case for content strategy? (IDSD Slides)

Last week I spoke at Interactive Day, San Diego, about how to fast track your web content strategy. A few snaps of the IDSD conference are here on Facebook. And here are the slides:

I did not cover how to practice content strategy, but instead something equally important:

  • how to convince your team you need content strategy,
  • how to figure out the benefits (and ROI) of content strategy to your company,
  • how to pull together convincing examples that support the need for content strategy, and
  • how to ensure its success.

For those of us who practice content strategy, we’re believers. Now it’s time to make our team, our clients, and our bosses believers too. If you have additional tips to help content strategists (and people practicing content strategy) build their case, please post below! Questions also welcome.

Articles and References from the Presentation

Special thanks to Jeannel King of Big Picture Solutions and Carol Valdez, Content Strategist for all their ideas and contributions to this presentation!

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Shelly Bowen, Pybop's chief content strategist, has led teams of writers and creatives to develop websites and interactive content for more than 15 years. Read more about Shelly.

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