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Our messaging strategy is falling flat. What’s missing?

Our messaging strategy is falling flat. What’s missing?

It takes two to tango!You know those long meetings you’ve been having with your team to discuss strategic vision, your meaning for existence, your key differentiators? You might be missing something kind of big.

Your consumers. I know this sounds obvious, but I felt compelled to write this because so many really fabulous, reputable brands I’ve been talking to lately are spending a lot of time focused inward, and not much time focused on the reason they exist: to provide something to someone else for a specific benefit.

And without considering your audience’s needs, concerns, obstacles, and goals, you’ll have one lopsided content strategy. Like dancing a partner dance without a partner.

Here’s a quick core messaging exercise for you to make sure you’re spending enough time on the star of your story.message hierarchy worksheet

  1. Make a list on the left side of the paper of all the awesome things you provide. (This is the easy part.)
  2. On the right side, make a list of all the intangible things your audience wants from you. By intangible I mean things like speed, ease, laughter, satisfaction, security, happiness. (This should require some research.)
  3. Draw a line from the items on the left that solve the items on the right.

You might find some gaps. These are your opportunities to create new (or eliminate) solutions, and create the applicable content for them.

When you’re finished lining everything up, compare this list to how your brand is represented online. Is it apparent how your products and services provide the benefits that you’ve connected?

A business and its consumer are two characters dancing in a great movie. They need each other. When you’re paving the way for all the messaging on your site and social media, don’t leave them out. Make them the heroes of your story.

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