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What’s the secret to keeping creatives productive?

What’s the secret to keeping creatives productive?

You’re flying down a hill on your bicycle in high gear, the wind in your face, and you see a left turn up ahead, and you know there’s an uphill climb just beyond the turn, and you make the turn fast and steady, then downshift to keep up the momentum and speed … but then it happens.

The shift derails the chain. You come to a complete halt.Content Strategy momentum by Pybop

You hop off and slip the chain back on, but the start back up the hill is a slow one. At least on my cruiser it is. It takes a few standing starts to get the gears aligned and the momentum back — and really the momentum never returns totally because you’re in low gear now, slowly making your way up and up.

Let’s stop derailing our projects. You and me. Right now. Let’s dedicate 2015 a year for keeping up the momentum.

Especially if you are in a position of creative or content approvals, you have the power to keep up the momentum. In other words, you can quickly turn around feedback. Your makers are in high speed, and turning in or pitching content for your review is that pivotal left turn before the hill. Make it a smooth transition, and the creative will keep on flying. Come to a halt? Well, it’s tough on writers, designers and other creative problem solvers to stand up and pick up speed again.

Momentum is magic. Momentum is innovation and iteration and progress. Momentum is everything.

Are you dedicated?

Author Shelly Bowen

Shelly Bowen, Pybop's chief content strategist, has led teams of writers and creatives to develop websites and interactive content for more than 15 years. Read more about Shelly.

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