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Can we create great content without time or resources?

Can we create great content without time or resources?

Not creating content isn’t saving you time and money. It’s costing you.

You know that not getting your voice and story out there is slowing you down … even holding you back … from reaching your business goals. But how do you fit it in? Here are a few content strategy ideas to help you get on a consistent schedule of showing off your expertise, inspiring brand loyalty, and keeping your audience close. Even if you’re short on time and resources.

  1. content inspirationSwap a task. Imagine that sending a well-thought-out email with a few valuable tidbits to your audience will score you 5 or 10 or even 1000 new customers. How valuable is that to you? Is there something you’re doing that’s not as valuable that you can swap out occasionally?
  2. Give it away. Let’s say you don’t have a loyal audience yet. Reach out to someone who does and volunteer to answer questions, provide an interview, or create an instructional video for them to publish. Be sure to link back to your own site.
  3. Be helpful. People are out there searching for answers that you have. Make it easy for them to find you by answering their questions on LinkedIn, industry groups (like on Google), and through social media. Keep a record of your answers to publish a best-of on your site later on.
  4. Share the joy. Chances are, you have more than one smart person in your organization. Even if they aren’t writers, they are valuable sources of content. Ask them their opinions on common audience challenges, interview them on the future of your industry, and enable them to comment directly on social media channels. Moderate as needed.
  5. Nail down the budget. Communicating with your audience is deadly important. Not having any budget for it is like not having a phone or a website at all. Analyze other areas of spending that might not be all that effective and reallocate these resources. Keep track of your traffic and engagement following content events and keep a record of your ROI. That’ll help you increase your budget next quarter.

Need more detailed ideas to increase engagement, awareness, and conversions in your industry through exceptional content? Let’s talk.

Author Shelly Bowen

Shelly Bowen, Pybop's chief content strategist, has led teams of writers and creatives to develop websites and interactive content for more than 15 years. Read more about Shelly.

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