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What are core messaging priorities?

What are core messaging priorities?

Your Core Messaging Priorities

core message prioritiesEvery content strategy, in fact, every content writing or marketing project, should begin with core messaging priorities.

Your core messaging priorities help you and your writers, designers, and information architects determine what to say, and where, when, and how to say it. In other words, it’s the starting place to create your:

  • Brand voice and tone
  • Information and content architecture
  • Brand story
  • Home page and enterprise content
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Design and creative

Without it, you may end up in revision hell, with no clear way to judge whether the creative is right for your brand.

Core Messaging Priorities and Hierarchy: A Definition

Messaging priorities (or message architecture) are just that — a hierarchy of messaging requirements that fulfill your business and audience goals. In order of importance. (I find that’s always the most lively part of the discussion!)

Messaging priorities are NOT copy, but they often lead to fundamental branding content.

Every brand includes different items in their message architecture, but they always start with:

  • Business goals
  • Project objectives
  • Audience needs and obstacles
  • Intended outcomes

Ready to Start  Building Your Message Architecture?

Here’s a quick, high-level messaging strategy exercise to help you get started. Need more in-depth help? Try this Core Messaging Priorities Worksheet on your own or contact Pybop for a custom workshop.

You might also find this detailed Content Marketing Institute article on message architecture by Marcia Riefer Johnston useful. Luck!

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