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Do you have any Twitter writing tips for businesses?

By | February 9, 2009 |

More and more businesses are embracing social media as a part of their marketing efforts. If you have experimented at all with tools such as Facebook, forums, or Twitter, or have actively blogged and commented out there, you know the online social-sphere is different than any other type of medium. Here are some writing tips and guidelines to help you successfully connect with your customers on one of the many social media platforms, Twitter: Sincerity rules. Drop the jargon and write

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Get Your Customers to Take Action

By | December 22, 2008 |

To paraphrase Seth Godin in his post “Confusing Activity with Action:” we’re all doing a lot of activities online (such as me writing or you reading this post), but is it getting in the way of action? Is it getting you where you want to go? I’d like to add a thought to that. It’s not just you that should be taking action. It’s your customer. So when you’re putting together an online marketing initiative — let’s say a new e-mail series, expert

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How do we reach more people with content?

By | November 18, 2008 |

Wish you could reach more of your targeted customers online? Adding value — and I’m not talking a new product or service — could expand your reach. Sure, a new offer is valuable. And when you launch, you’ll likely write all about its benefits and features on your Web site, showing off its value. But there’s something else you — you, the expert in your industry — could provide your customers. Content. What information about your industry would potential clients find valuable? What types

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Should we consider a seasonal content strategy?

By | November 7, 2008 |

Once your web site is right where you want it — it supports your brand in tone and design, attracts new visitors with seamless SEO, and converts prospects into buyers effectively — you’ll, of course, want to make it even better. One way is to take a look at your seasonal content strategy and how it fits within your overall marketing strategy. When Are Your Peak Seasons? Every Web site has highs and lows in terms of site traffic and sales.

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How do we get our editorial and advertising policies to work well and play nice?

By | October 27, 2008 |

Advertising is not evil, right? Internet advertising is just one way for companies to communicate with potential buyers. And we as consumers appreciate those ads that let us know about a cool product or service we might want. Hey cool, a new organic coffee shop in my neighborhood! An upcoming open house at my favorite art gallery. A new book by my favorite author… Oh, right … what about those other ads? The flashing ads. The dancing, sliding, morphing ads. The ads that

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How do we get SEO copy writing just right?

By | October 20, 2008 |

When you hire a good SEO expert (search engine optimization guru), she’ll have one big audacious goal: To bring your Web site as much organic traffic from search engines (like Yahoo and Google) as possible. In other words, to help people find you online on their own. A great SEO specialist will also have one eye on the type of traffic — people who actually need your product or service. Most SEO experts approach optimization in two ways: by adjusting the code of your

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Which Is Better: Long or Short Web Copy?

By | October 13, 2008 |

Which is more effective online: long or short copy? If you said short … you’re only half right. In reality, it depends. On everything really. Here’s a magic question: Where is your shopper in the buying process? At the very beginning? Then you might want to use short, scannable copy to quickly conveys the benefits of clicking to get more. Then again, I’ve also tested longer intro messages — such as personal letters or stories — that have been very effective. It’s not the

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