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Category Archives: Brand Storytelling

How do we get people to fall in love with our product?

By | August 26, 2009 |

Content Marketing Works … When People Fall in Love With Your Story Every year I search for a pair of summer sandals that are: A. Stylish enough to wear with a sundress B. Comfortable enough to wear all day at Disneyland (Not that I do either very often.) And every year, I fail. Except this year. This year, I found myself at REI — originally surfing the camping gear — in the hanging flop aisle. Sporty flops. Shower flops. Surf flops. No Shelly flops. About to

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What are the best email subject lines?

By | August 3, 2009 |

I have a dedicated email address for advertisements from my favorite brands, and I scan through the subject lines, oh, once a week or so. Most get deleted. Yes, I want gray suede shoes, but I’m resisting. Delete. I don’t need a new batch of business cards. Delete. I’d like to win a trip to Hawaii, but I’m not going to bite. Delete. Then some are just delightful, even if I’m not in the market. Like the recent email I received from The Parker in

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Any quick SEO writing or editing tips to refresh the site?

By | July 1, 2009 |

You take extra care to ensure your content on your marketing materials, business cards, and Web site are accurate, compelling, and drive your primary message. But what about your organic brand? This is what people see in the organic search results (not the paid search ads) when they search for you. They may search for your brand name, a generic industry-specific word, or a niche word to have you rise up in search results. How do you look? Try This Open a new “private” window in your favorite browser (to avoid cookies). Type your brand name

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Reputation Management (Software): Do You Need It?

By | April 29, 2009 |

As user generated content and social media campaigns zoom sky high, so is the possibility — no, probability — that people are talking about you and your brand online. Even if you don’t have a social media campaign yourself. Good talk or bad — this is great information to feed into your overall content strategy. Traditionally, your PR firm tracks and manages the publicity. But when the discussion becomes a cloud of voices, and you’d like to maintain your brand and build customer

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