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Four Ways Content Strategy Saves You Money

By | May 25, 2011 |

Exceptional web content can establish credibility, raise awareness, attract a new audience, educate, increase feelings of loyalty, and generally make your audience happy with you. Before hiring a writer, establishing a web content strategy can save you time and money. Here’s how two organizations in the health industry leverage content strategy.

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Get Your Customers to Take Action

By | December 22, 2008 |

To paraphrase Seth Godin in his post “Confusing Activity with Action:” we’re all doing a lot of activities online (such as me writing or you reading this post), but is it getting in the way of action? Is it getting you where you want to go? I’d like to add a thought to that. It’s not just you that should be taking action. It’s your customer. So when you’re putting together an online marketing initiative — let’s say a new e-mail series, expert

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Which Is Better: Long or Short Web Copy?

By | October 13, 2008 |

Which is more effective online: long or short copy? If you said short … you’re only half right. In reality, it depends. On everything really. Here’s a magic question: Where is your shopper in the buying process? At the very beginning? Then you might want to use short, scannable copy to quickly conveys the benefits of clicking to get more. Then again, I’ve also tested longer intro messages — such as personal letters or stories — that have been very effective. It’s not the

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