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Category Archives: Writing for SEO

How do we create an SEO-first content strategy?

By | May 15, 2017 |

How do you go about creating an SEO-first content strategy? Short answer: don’t. What’s Wrong with an SEO-First Content Strategy Approach? We recently developed a content strategy proposal for a software company, and it included a basic level of SEO research, which we include whenever our client doesn’t have an SEO consultant or expert already on it. We consider SEO, but not as a directive approach. Our projects are what we call “audience-first” content strategies. In other words, we’re asking, Who’s going to use this content? Who needs to see it? Who needs to be impressed? Understanding the audience and…

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What are the benefits of a content audit?

By | January 25, 2016 |

“The more content the better, right? So why bother doing a content audit? And why do you recommend doing one every six months to a year?” Great question. A content audit (also frequently called a content inventory) is like opening up the hood of your car and realizing that your engine has been taken over by squirrels. Okay, not exactly like that. But the content audit is certainly revealing and often surprising to clients. Here’s what I discovered in the last few website content audits I’ve completed:

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How do I create an awesome company blog?

By | November 13, 2013 |

“I want to start a blog for my company; where do I start?” I’ve been getting that question fairly frequently lately. If you are planning on starting or revamping your company’s blog, here’s your to-do list for success: Blog Content Strategy Checklist (Download the printable PDF version.) Establish blog objectives with decision makers Identify core messaging priorities to support objectives Audit potential content sources Create editorial guidelines (voice, tone, length, reading level) Develop editorial calendar (content categories, frequency, topic ideas) Ensure you have the people resources to support this

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Any new geeky terms content strategists should know?

By | June 12, 2013 |

When building a mobile, video, or web content strategy and working with all the players who pull together an online content project, it’s helpful to know what the heck they are talking about when they start using new technical terms or old terms in new ways. Here are quick definitions of some content strategy-related terms I keep hearing lately: 1. Mo-Graph Video content strategy and video content production are probably on your list of to-dos. Videos can certainly help attract attention or explain a

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Should we be posting photos every day?

By | March 4, 2010 |

They say a photo a day is worth a thousand words. And yes,  those “words” count toward: Building a social community, Connecting with friends and colleagues, Engaging with an audience, Being more “human” in this virtual world, Gaining knowledge and ideas around your business, and Improving SEO and findability. Just because we may not be photographers professionally — we may not even have a physical product to represent visually — doesn’t mean we can’t snap a photo. That said, be sure to hire a professional for your evergreen website content! How to Make a Photo a Day Work for Your…

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How do I find the best writers?

By | August 17, 2009 |

Getting the Words Right for Your Project Finding and hiring a professional contract, full-time, or freelance writer can be difficult. Here’s how to make it easy. 1. Know Who You’re Looking For Find a writer that is an expert

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Any quick SEO writing or editing tips to refresh the site?

By | July 1, 2009 |

You take extra care to ensure your content on your marketing materials, business cards, and Web site are accurate, compelling, and drive your primary message. But what about your organic brand? This is what people see in the organic search results (not the paid search ads) when they search for you. They may search for your brand name, a generic industry-specific word, or a niche word to have you rise up in search results. How do you look? Try This Open a new “private” window in your favorite browser (to avoid cookies). Type your brand name

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How do we reach more people with content?

By | November 18, 2008 |

Wish you could reach more of your targeted customers online? Adding value — and I’m not talking a new product or service — could expand your reach. Sure, a new offer is valuable. And when you launch, you’ll likely write all about its benefits and features on your Web site, showing off its value. But there’s something else you — you, the expert in your industry — could provide your customers. Content. What information about your industry would potential clients find valuable? What types

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