Content Strategy Services

This Content Strategist Has Your Back

Everyone needs a content strategist at some point for fresh insight, ideas, or content guidance. With more than 12 years’ experience producing and directing digital content, Principal Content Strategist Shelly Bowen brings creativity and clarity to every online project.

  • Evergreen web content, email messaging, interactive web experiences, new product launches, rebranding efforts … whatever needs exceptional web content, we are here for you. Our web content strategy consulting services often include:

    • Improving overall user experience
    • Translating complex or technical information to easy-to-grasp content
    • Editing and writing to strengthen brand personality
    • Creating story concepts and themes
    • Speaking to marketers, designers, and editorial groups

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  • Interactive, multi-layered projects are our specialty, so it’s no wonder we love to work with agencies and clients direct on mobile web, mobile apps, and responsive mobile site content. If you’re planning for mobile, let’s talk content ASAP.

    We love to work on:

    • Creating mobile storytelling ideas to solve problems and gain a loyal audience
    • Interactive and educational apps for kids and adults
    • Content for responsive design mobile sites
    • Writing and editing for mobile experiences

    Let’s Talk Mobile Content!

  • Whether you’re sharing ideas and stories or explaining some technical stuff, video is content. We’ll help shape up the video content strategy and message to match your brand’s personality and priorities. Shelly Bowen and team love to help with:

    • Voiceover scripts
    • Scriptwriting
    • Concepts and visual theme ideas
    • Image text writing

    Need Video Content Help?

  • Every brand has an amazing story. Sharing it effectively is the tricky part. Over the course of one to several interviews, you’ll see your true brand story emerge. We can even do the writing for you.

    • Discover creative and unique approaches
    • Scrub away conflicting messages
    • Stand apart from the competition

    We’d Love to Hear Your Story

Your content should fully support your business objectives … while telling your amazing brand story. And we’d love to help make it happen. Let’s have a quick 15-minute phone call.