audience journey worksheet

Audience Journey Worksheet


From simple awareness to raving about your brand or organization to friends, your audience is on a journey to a specific goal. Make it easier on them to achieve success by mapping out the ideal audience journey and comparing that to your current user experience. You’ll better understand:

  • What content is missing from your audience path that they need
  • What’s holding them back from making a decision or taking action
  • How different audience types need different things
  • How to measure your results and optimize over time

Whether you have a new product or brand or have been adding content over many years, Pybop’s Audience Journey Worksheet will guide you to new opportunities to remove obstacles and optimize your audience’s experience.

  • Downloadable PDF
  • 4 exercises including 7 journey stages and next step prompts
  • Pybop Guidance included
  • Time to complete: 4-20 hours
  • Recommended to complete first: Audience Analysis and Audience Personas Worksheets
  • License: For individual use only. No reproductions or digital sharing permitted. To reprint or share with a team or group, please contact Pybop for permission.


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