motion content strategy worksheet

Content in Motion: A Content Strategist’s Guide


If you think you should be incorporating motion in content into your strategies, you’re right. But it’s not your responsibility alone.

Making moving content work for your audience and for your business goals is a collaborative responsibility. You don’t need to know exactly how to make content move, but you do need to know what’s possible, what the consequences might be, and how to document and deliver motion guidelines.

This worksheet provides a place to start. It gives you the framework you and your team needs to understand how to approach content in motion. Also check out this recorded webinar about content in motion, presented by Shelly Bowen.

Content in Motion is part of the Content Strategy: “Start Here” Worksheet Series.

  • Downloadable, printable PDF
  • 7 steps with spreadsheet examples
  • Pybop Guidance with Resources included (3 pages)
  • Time to complete: 4-8 hours
  • License: For individual use only. No reproductions or digital sharing permitted. To reprint or share with a team or group, please contact Pybop for permission.


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