Website Design Process and the Content Strategist’s Role


If you are planning to include content strategy into your website design process, but you don’t know where to start or what to expect, this worksheet is for you.

  • Understand the content strategist’s role in the whole website design process.
  • Know what to ask for in your website design RFP or your request for content strategy.
  • Plan an effective and efficient agenda with milestones and tasks.
  • Know what tasks are needed to get the job done.
  • Provide your managers and decision-makers facts about what’s involved and how they can benefit your company, team, and timeline.

Whether you are working in an organization, agency, or are an independent designer or project manager, this worksheet provides the framework you need to incorporate content strategy for the best results. This worksheet was created by Shelly Bowen, founder of Pybop, and Chief Content Strategist.

The Website Design Process is part of Pybop’s Content Strategy: “Start Here” Worksheet Series. It is an overview of the most common website design process and the content strategist’s role in that process. It’s designed to help you create an request for proposal (RFP) that includes content strategy, and to use as a checklist in your own planning process.

  • Downloadable, printable PDF
  • 11 steps with spreadsheet examples and checklists
  • Pybop Guidance with benefits
  • Time to complete worksheet: 2-3 months (for full process, on average)
  • Who it’s for: project managers designing an effective process, companies creating RFPs, agencies incorporating content strategy into their website redesign process
  • License: For individual use only. No reproductions or digital sharing permitted. To reprint or share with a team or group, please contact Pybop for permission.


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