Content Strategy Conferences and Events

Here’s a list of 2015 content strategy conferences curated by Pybop.

Recent Pybop Events

Shelly Bowen, Content Strategy Speaker, Presenter

Content Marketing Institute

Online instructor on brand storytelling, published 2014.

Intuit Editorial Forum Workshop

Private corporate event, 2013, Mountain View, CA

Geek Girl Tech Conference: Kickstarter Panelist

Watch the crowdfunding event video from June 2013.


Panelist, “Content Marketing Planning Tips and Lessons Learned,” 2014

SD/PEN: The Interactive World of Mobile: Where Do Editors Fit?”

Shelly Bowen spoke from an editor’s perspective on what companies expect of mobile editors and agile editing practices. Here are the slides from the event.

Inspire Conference: Graphic Design, Type, and Code

Shelly Bowen spoke on content strategy at the Inspire Conference in The Netherlands, December 2012. Here are the slides from the event.

Startup California Partnership

Shelly Bowen spoke at StartUp San Diego about her Kickstarter campaign for Red Piggy Press from a content strategy perspective October 13, 2012.

All Things Business by SD/PEN

Carol Valdez presented a workshop on social media for editors of small businesses at Hera Hub, August 4, 2012.

Crowdfunding 101 Panel: Hera Hub

Hera Hub, a coworking space in San Diego, hosted a crowdfunding panel event for the public, August 2012. Shelly Bowen was one of 4 panelists.

San Diego Ad Club’s Interactive Day

Five Steps to Kickstart Your Content Strategy” plus a special Dr. Oz case study, presented by Shelly Bowen at the Ad Club’s Interactive Day. June 2012, San Diego, CA. The presentation received 15,000+ views in the first 24 hours on Slideshare.

Confab 2012: The Content Strategy Conference

The Magic Layer: The Secret to Content Strategy Success,” presented by Shelly Bowen at Confab 2012: The Sold-Out Content Strategy Conference. May 2012, Minneapolis, MN.

Content Strategy Homepage Makeover

“How to Leverage Content Strategy to Make Your Homepage Work for You,” presented by Shelly Bowen and Carol Valdez at Hera Hub (members only). May 2012, San Diego, CA. This workshop received 5 out of 5 stars from attendees.

Recurring Events

San Diego Interactive Content Professionals

Shelly initiates a bimonthly Thursday Happy Hour for San Diego Interactive Content Professionals. And the occasional coffee.

More worldwide content conferences and events: